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Animals shown on this page are NOT with our rescue. Please see the information with each photo on who to contact regarding the animals. 


Kyra is 6 years old she was born December 20 2012
She loves to chase, she loves to run. She listen usually pretty good on leash or without. She has lots of energy to spent so an active family would be the best for her. Family with infants is not a good idea as she growls at the one in her current home. But she is very nice with older kids i will say over 3 years old to be safe. If they can throw the ball she will be happy to chase it and bring it back (not all the time lol)
She was spayed @ 6 months. Her shots was up to date until last year.

She is good with dogs but will chase cats

Please contact Sophie for more information 

Shadow & Dakota.jpg

Shadow (Female 6.5 years) Dakota (Male 8yrs)

Bonded Pair -Would like home together


Both are fixed and Shadow is updated on her vaccinations

They are both house trained but Dakota can mark if allowed too


They have dog park experience but have become more selective with dogs that get in their faces.

They do not have much experience around kids

Shadow can take a little time to warm up to new people where Dakota is a friendly guy.


for more information please contact

Trish Haryett





8-9 years old and polydactyl

Loves being inside and outside.

Loves to play with toys and is very friendly

She is good with other animals when given proper time to adjust and proper introductions ae done.

If interested in her please contact them at