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Our Story

My passion for helping abandoned, abused and neglected animals led to the creation of Megan’s Rescue Efforts Society. Together with my team of equally passionate and committed volunteers, we focus our efforts on the Calgary area, and thanks to the generous support of our community we have flourished.


As a small non-profit and foster-based rescue, we rely solely on donations, fundraising events and our faithful partners for our continuing success. We make certain that the animals we rescue receive the medical attention they need, including spay/neutering and vaccinations, and are properly trained and socialized before being placed in carefully selected adoptive homes.


Because we screen potential adopters to ensure they’re the best possible match for our animals, some may remain in our care a long time. But because we’re committed to every animal we save, we will never put one down to make room for another due to either space or non-health related issues.  


I invite you to view our entire site. Read about the dogs and cats available for adoption. See photos of those who have been happily placed in loving forever homes. Learn how YOU can support our efforts by becoming volunteers and fosters, by attending our events, by shopping and donating online. 


Won’t YOU please help US help more animals in need?

Megan Steele - Founder & President

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