Our Adoption Process


We do our best to try and review all incoming applications within a 48 hour time frame.


Keeping in mind that our rescue is ran by volunteers we will only be contacting the applications that are a great match with one of our dogs or cats.

What does our adoption process look like?

  1. ​Application is received and will be reviewed in 24-48 hours

  2. If renting Landlord Consent and or condo pet policy will be requested. This is required before we can contact references

  3. References will be contacted and if there are pets in the home vet records will be requested. We require all animals to have up to date Rabies and Basic vaccinations 

  4. Meeting will be set up to have ALL people living in the home come and meet our team and the animal

  5. Home Check will be set up, adoption paper finalized and adoption fee paid

  6. Vet appointment set to have needed vetting completed

  7. Animal goes home fully vetted

All animals currently in the home are required to be fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered. We will require vet records.

Puppies 11 months and under are $500
Dogs 12 months and older are $450

Kittens 11 months and under are $215
Cats 12 months and older are $175


Our adoption fee includes the following:

  • Spay/neuter

  • Microchip

  • 1st set of shots

  • Rabies (depending on age)

  • Deworming

  • 6 week Trial with Petsecure Insurance

To view our DOG Adoption application Click here To view our CAT Adoption application Click here

*** Please Note: We require our Dog adopters to have a secured fenced yard (unless you live in a condo) and all over the age of 18. All renters need to provide Landlord consent before their application can be processed***

Available for Adoption

Name: London

Gender: Female

Age: Born Jan 15 2009

Approx.size/weight when full grown: 92 lbs

Breed: Presa Carairo

History:  We would like to see her go to a family that has dog experience. London loves to cuddle and play. She needs a home that has no kids or plans for kids until she has passed away, no other animals in the home and that understands that she can be protective so she needs to be in another room before answering the door etc.

Adoption status: Available

Name: Hera

Gender: Female

Age: 1 year old

Approx.size/weight when full grown: 4-6 lbs

Breed: Domestic short Hair

History:  Hera came into care with 2 other cats from a reservation in Saskatchewan and we soon found that she was pregnant. She is the mom of the Greek God and Goddess kittens. She is ok with dogs but not ideal in a home with other cats.

Adoption status: Available

Name: Misty
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years old
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 4-6 lbs Breed: Domestic short Hair 
History: She was found as a stray in Sylvan Lake. Misty is the ultimate kid cat! She loves spending time watching tv or playing xbox, she is not bothered by the antics of a ninja kid fighting bad guys around her as she naps on the floor and she will curl up for a snuggle any time of the day or night. Misty loves to be loved and will chat with you as you go about your day to day routines and keep up a conversation. She is calm and loving and would be suited for nearly any home! We are still learning about her feelings towards other cats and dogs.

Adoption Status: Available

Ready to go to new home July 6th

Name: Xylia

Gender: Female

Age: Born Mar 1 2020

Approx.size/weight when full grown: 60-90 lbs

Breed: Shepherd Mix

History: She was born in care and adopted out by her foster family. But they shortly decided that she was not a fit for them.

Xylia is a fun, curious, energetic pup who needs to build her confidence with meeting new people. She loves her walks, and playing with dogs. She also loves kids, but can be a bit rough when she wants to play. She is still working on her manners, but is doing really well learning and is highly treat motivated. Xylia isn’t really a cuddler, often preferring to lay in her crate to nap. She showed interest and was curious about the one cat and the guinea pigs she met, but didn’t show any aggression or desire to harm them.

She already knows Sit, is kennel trained, is great walking on leash and knows to ask to go outside.

The biggest thing is that she needs a home that can understand that she finds strangers terrifying and is willing to be patient and work with her to help her build her confidence so she can see that people are not so bad.

We are looking for a family that is committed to working with her to build her confidence by working with a trainer either on a one on one setting or a class setting. We would like to see sessions booked for when she goes home


Adoption Status: Pending Adoption

Name: Hashbrowns
Gender: Female
Age: Born May 12 2020 
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 4-6 lbs 
Breed: Domestic short Hair 
History: She was born in care. Her mama is French Toast. She is a cuddly kitten that loves to play.

Meet her at the Dalhousie Pet Valu

Ready to go to new home Aug 17th

Adoption Status: Pending Adoption

Name: Eggs
Gender: Female
Age: Born May 10 2020 
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 4-6 lbs Breed: Domestic short Hair 
History: She was born in care. Her mama is French Toast. Eggs is a very spunky kitten that does not sit still for long. She loves to check everything out.

Meet her at the Dalhousie Pet Valu

Ready to go to new home Aug 6th

Adoption Status: Pending Adoption

Name: Phoenix
Gender: Male
Age: Born March 28 2017
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 60-90 lbs
Breed: Boxer Mix
History: Phoenix is very affectionate. He has come along way on leash but needs a confident person to work with him. He is very smart, independent and will love you. He is very playful, loves toys, sticks and tug of war. He is still insecure around strangers which can cause him to lunge or growl therefore he needs to wear a muzzle when meeting new people or attending vet appointments. He has a lot of energy but also loves to cuddle up on the couch with you. He is a very loving happy dog that would make a great addition to a quiet family with dog experience, no young children or animals and willing to work with him

Adoption Status: Available

Name: Quartz
Gender: Male
 Age: Born April 25 2020 
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 4-6 lbs Breed: Domestic short Hair 
History: He was born in care. His mama is Misty a stray from Sylvan Lake.
Quartz was the first of his siblings to purr when loved on, he is definitely a lover but also a fighter! He can scrap with the best of them and will likely take out your feet as soon as you enter the room, but melt into a puddle as soon as scooped up.

Adoption Status: Available for Adoption

Ready to go to new home July 20th

Tinkerbelle & Shadow (Bonded Pair)


Name: Tinkerbelle
Gender: Tinkerbelle Female 
Age:  8 years old
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 40-45 lbs Medium height 
Breed: American Eskimo mix 
History: She is a happy and active girl.  She is nervous when meeting new people and would benefit from some confidence classes. We find that she is open to meeting people and being handled when she is with Shadow. Tinkerbelle came from a hoarding situation years ago and is the mom of our T litter from 3 years ago. She is a great walker and LOVES to be close to her humans and get loves of pets. 

Name:Shadow (Bonded Pair)
Gender: Shadow -Male 
Age:  Shadow 5 years old
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 86lbs Large height
Breed:Lab Mastiff mix
History: He loves to play with other dogs but is shy when meeting new people. He is scared of the world outside of his home and yard and could use some training to help him. He is terrified of being on a leash and therefore has not gone on walks. With patience and training we think he could come to like walks with Tink by his side. 

These two were adopted out but since returned. They were not comfortable with Tinkerbelle becoming protective of their home when they were not around and neighbors would come to let the dogs out.


We are looking for a home that has a yard for Shadow and is willing to take Tinkerbelle on lots of walks. Shadow is happy to just relax at home or run around the yard with Tinkerbelle. They need someone that will be patient with Shadow but willing to show him that the word is not so scary.

Adoption Status: Available

Name: French Toast

Gender: Female

Age: 1 year

Approx.size/weight when full grown: 6-8 lbs

Breed: DHS mix

History: She came to us form a reserve in Sask. 

French Toast is a beautiful, kind cat who loves pets and quality time with her people. She may take a bit of time to adjust to her new home and settle in, but after that she loves men, women and children of all ages and is super friendly with strangers and family alike! French Toast prefers her cuddles with 4 feet on the ground/couch rather than your lap or arms but she likes to be around her people and will follow you around and chat with you all day if allowed. She has the softest fur you've ever felt and is a super gentle soul.

Meet her at Coopers Crossing Pet Valu in Airdrie

Adoption Status: Available

Name: Bacon
Gender: Male
Age: Born May 10 2020 
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 4-6 lbs Breed: Domestic Medium Hair 
History: He was born in care. His mama is French Toast. He is a playful kitten and very curious.

Meet him at the Dalhousie Pet Valu

Ready to go to new home Aug 4th

Adoption Status: Pending Adoption

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