Our Adoption Process


We do our best to try and review all incoming applications within a 48 hour time frame.


Keeping in mind that our rescue is ran by volunteers we will only be contacting the applications that are a great match with one of our dogs or cats.

What does our adoption process look like?

  1. ​Application is received and will be reviewed in 24-48 hours

  2. If renting Landlord Consent and or condo pet policy will be requested. This is required before we can contact references

  3. References will be contacted and if there are pets in the home vet records will be requested. We require all animals to have up to date Rabies and Basic vaccinations 

  4. Meeting will be set up to have ALL people living in the home come and meet our team and the animal

  5. Home Check will be set up, adoption paper finalized and adoption fee paid

  6. Vet appointment set to have needed vetting completed

  7. Animal goes home fully vetted

All animals currently in the home are required to be fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered. We will request vet records.

Puppies 11 months and under are $475
Dogs 12 months and older are $400

Kittens 11 months and under are $200
Cats 12 months and older are $175


Our adoption fee includes the following:

  • Spay/neuter

  • Microchip

  • 1st set of shots

  • Rabies (depending on age)

  • Deworming 

To view our DOG Adoption application Click here To view our CAT Adoption application Click here

*** Please Note: We require our Dog adopters to have a secured fenced yard (unless you live in a condo) and all over the age of 18. All renters need to provide Landlord consent before their application can be processed***

Available for Adoption

Name: London

Gender: Female

Age: Born Jan 15 2009

Approx.size/weight when full grown: 92 lbs

Breed: Presa Carairo

History:  We would like to see her go to a family that has dog experience. London loves to cuddle and play. She needs a home that has no kids or plans for kids until she has passed away, no other animals in the home and that understands that she can be protective so she needs to be in another room before answering the door etc.

Adoption status: Available

Name: Jelly
Gender: Female
Age: Born June 1 2016
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 8 lbs Medium height
Breed: Domestic Long Hair
History:  She was found with her kittens Peanut and Butter as strays. She has come a long way from being a semi feral cat. She is a laid back cat that just likes to sit back and watch out a window or what is going on. Her favorite thing is a bed of cat grass. She is good with cats and dogs but does need her space to get away from them too if they are in her face. She really likes to play with flirt poles. She is a polydactyl cat

Adoption status: Pending Adoption

Name: Phoenix
Gender: Male
Age: Born March 28 2017
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 60-90 lbs
Breed: Boxer Mix
History: Phoenix is very affectionate. He has come along way on leash but needs a confident person to work with him. He is very smart, independent and will love you. He is very playful, loves toys, sticks and tug of war. He is still insecure around strangers and we are working on proper introductions with dogs. He has a lot of energy but also loves to cuddle up on the couch with you. He is a very loving happy dog that would make a great addition to a family with dog experience, no young children or animals and willing to work with him

Adoption Status: Available

Name: Vivian

Gender: Female

Age: Born April 15 2017

Approx.size/weight when full grown: 50-60 lbs Medium height

Breed: Pitbull Mix

History: Vivian is a funny, goofy, loving dog. She frequently falls to the ground and squirrels around on her back and is happy to receive all belly rubs. She wants to greet all people on her walks or otherwise which can make walks a challenge. She likes to chase toys but not bring them back. We are working to help her with her fear of other dogs. Due to her severe reaction to other animals She would need to be the only pet. All this silly girl wants to do is be curled up in your lap. 

Adoption status: Available

She is also looking for a foster home

Name: Memphis (Formally Georgie)
Gender: Female
Age:  Born Dec 5 2015
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 90 lbs XL height
Breed: Shepherd Mix
History:  Memphis is from our G litter of pups. Memphis is from our G litter of pups. Memphis is very intelligent, independent, protective and very nice-looking dog. She has leash issues and is being worked with to improve. She loves the outdoors including swimming. She is very protective with those she is with which can cause her to lunge or snap at people as they approach her when on leash. This sweetheart has a TON of energy. She is house, and kennel trained but showing some signs of separation anxiety therefore needs a family that is willing to work with her. She is also learning to play with other dogs.

Adoption status: Available

Name: Beauty

Gender: Female

Age: Born Aug 24 2016

Approx.size/weight when full grown: 62 lbs Large height

Breed: Shephard Mix

History: She came into care early 2018 from Manitoba with a litter of pups. Shortly we found out that she had Heartworm. The treatment was hard but Beauty did great and in Dec 2018 finished her treatment successfully. Beauty is a energetic dog who loves to go out on adventures. It doesnt matter where you want to take her, if you want to leave the house she is up for it. She does also enjoy cuddling up to you on the couch or in bed for naps. Beauty gets along with everyone although can get a bit excited meeting new people and tries to give everyone kisses on the face but as she is introduced to more people she is learning to stay calm. One of Beautys favourite things is to receive belly rubs! She would love to lay there all day as long as you rub her belly. Beauty is good with cats as long as they do not try and run away from her constantly as she thinks they are playing with her and will chase them. She is dog selective so is ideally looking for a home with no other dogs, however she has been going to class to work on this and has already made major progress impressing her teachers. She would do best with someone who is willing to continue taking her to classes to help her continue to learn how to be around other dogs.

Due to Beauty’s battle with heartworm she does have a heart murmur. Which isn’t surprising, infestations of heartworm can cause permanent damage to the heart even once fully cleared. As of now it is not at a point that our vets feel we can medicate as she’s not currently showing signs of heart failure. However it is something that her new home will need to understand and watch for.

Adoption status: Available

Name: Radar

Gender: Male

Age: Born Sept 16th 2019

Approx.size/weight when full grown: 60-80 lbs Med-L height

Breed: Shepherd Mix

History: Radar is a spunky, fun guy who loves to talk! He will tell you all about his day. Need some advice? He’ll give you some. He loves to play ball, and I feel like he will excel at outdoor activities (hiking, agility, etc) his is a happily active guy, but is also happy to chill, upside down usually in the most ridiculous positions. He loves treats and bones, doesn’t chew random things, but will destroy stuffies given the chance. While not a huge snuggler, once bonded to you, he enjoys laying with his head in your lap or close by. This happy sassy guy will keep you laughing, and keep your home filled with “talk” and energy. He is truly a diamond in the rough. Highly trainable and treat motivated, he will be an amazing dog when fully grown... not to mention exceptionally handsome ;-)

Adoption status: Available

Name: Eclipse
Gender: Female
Age: Sept 1 2016
Approx.size/weight when full grown: 8 lbs Medium height
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
History: Eclipse loves to cuddle. She is a bit shy and takes a little to check new people, places and sounds out. She is quick to become affectionate especially if you offer her a soft plush blanket and a good movie. She will be cuddling in no time! Since Eclipse has gotten her Dental work, we have noticed some chances in behavior, and in a good way! She is more playful, adventurous and now isnt having accidents as long as her food is soft for her jaw. She would make a great addition to a family that has children as she loves to cuddle the kids at night, however a home expecting a baby or planning on children might not be the best because she LOVES to cuddle so much. She loves to play hunt with her mice toys and did I mention soft plush blankets are her favorite to cuddle with.

Eclipse suffers from a condition called “Tooth Resorbtion” a common condition in cats where the teeth start being reabsorbed into the gums. She has already had one dental and some problem teeth pulled along with many xrays of her mouth. However this condition will continue to cause problems through her life and she will require more dental surgeries during her lifetime. It has also been discovered that Eclipse has a condition called Mycoplasma Felis. Mycoplasma infection is caused by a type of bacteria that acts as a parasite in the blood, causing anemia and other signs of infection. The bacteria are present in most environments. Most healthy animals will experience little to no symptoms, but the very young or old or those with immune disorders may have severe anemia and other signs of infection. Mycoplasma commonly causes respiratory symptoms like bronchitis and pneumonia, but can cause infection in other parts of the body as well. This sadly also is a life long condition. We fear our lovely Eclipse will never find a home with all her medical conditions but hopefully she finds her perfect person.

Adoption status: Available

Name: Spirit

Gender: Female

Age: Aug 23, 2014

Approx.size/weight when full grown: 60 lbs

Medium height

Breed: Shepherd Mix

History: Many may remember Spirit when she was with us as a pup. She came into our care months after the rest of her litter mates. We were asked to take her in as she had an extreme case of Demodectic Mange. Once health she was adopted out but that person sold her to a different family. We were able to stay in contact with the new family over the years. Unfortunately their situation is not one that can let them have her anymore. Spirit is an AMAZING dog. She is crate trained and house trained. Is great on leash and for the most part loves all the dogs she meets. She has not been dog socialized in a long time outside of meeting young pups so she would still need proper introductions. She is great with kids also. She would make a great dog for your first time dog owner.

Adoption Status: Available 

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